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Hello to all of you beautiful and wonderful fans of disc golf disc art!

I’m Stan (#29740), and I’ve been hucking discs for a few years now. However, it’s only been recently – being inspired by many of the artists here at – that I’ve stepped into this fascinating world of entrepreneurial artisan-ship. Aside from disc golf, I am an undeserving husband to the greatest woman in the world, father of four fantastic daughters and “Papa” to three precious granddaughters. Faith is a big deal to me. I lead a team of software developers in my day job, and I play competitive foosball to round out my niche sport nerdiness.

While I’ve lived most of my life on the plains of North Dakota (except for a three-year stint in Washington state), I was born in Kansas, where most of my extended family still lives. Thus explaining the soft spot I have for Dynamic Discs and Trilogy plastic in general. At any given time, most – if not all – of the discs in my store will be from DD, Latitude 64 or Westside Discs. Go Team Trilogy!

I still have much to learn about dyeing discs and I’m humbled by the fact that you’ve stopped by my store and took the time to browse around. If you’ve identified with anything I’ve posted here or just want to say “Hi,” feel free to shoot me a note at

Be well and keep on banging those chains!



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