Top 5 Best Discs to Dye: A List of the Best Disc Golf Plastics


Not all plastic is created equal

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already a seasoned vet, having the right plastic for the job is key to getting the stand out results you want.

Some discs just don’t hold the dye very well at all. While some others will hold the dye initially but then start to fade within just a few weeks.

To help you get started on your disc dyeing journey successfully, we’ve put together a list of the 5 best discs to dye in disc golf.

#5: Innova Star

Our list kicks off with the legend of the the game and the originators of quality plastic; Innova Discs.

With a combination of grip and durability you won’t have to substitute quality for performance when dealing with the Innova Star.

Its clean white base will get you the best results and the most options for your color palette.

The only reason it’s not at top of the list is because of its tendency to fade somewhat quicker than the other plastics on this list.

#4: Discmania Neo Evolution

Being the step child of Innova Discs, Discmania knows a thing or two about making quality plastic.

With a touch more gloss than most discs, you get the grip and durability you want with super clean lines and bright colors.

There are no real negatives to speak of with this line up other than the limited availability of the base white plastic across limited molds.

#3: MVP/Axiom/Streamline Neutron

With players like World Champion James Conrad, two time Unites States Women’s Disc Golf Champion Sarah Hokom, and a host of other top tier players using it, it’s no surprise this plastic would make the list.

The MVP / Axiom / Streamline Neutron plastic is very grippy, super durable, and absolutely POPS with color when dyed.

Not only that, the super sharp detail and bright colors will last for tournament after tournament.

So don’t overlook this plastic when shopping for dyeable discs.

#2: Prodigy 500 and 750

Seemingly the underdog of the group, I wouldn’t turn your back on this sleeper.

Although it has been plagued by inconsistencies in the past, Prodigy plastics are making a real comeback and in a big way.

With new manufacturing standards in place, the consistency and quality are now second to none (Well, except for the next one. But that’s it!).

Why list both the 500 and the 750? It’s just so difficult to choose between the two! Both dye amazingly, with superior quality, durability, and lasting color when dyed.

That being said, I would probably give the 500 the upper hand if you can get their pearly versions.

Once color is added, these things sparkle and stand out!

I personally bag a 500 D3, D2, and 750 A3. 

#1: Trilogy Glimmer/Chameleon

In the words of Sinéad O’ Connor, “Nothing compares to you!” And when it comes to this Trilogy (Dynamic Discs) plastic; truer words we’re never spoken.

Not only is this plastic extremely durable, but there is almost no comparison when it comes to dyeing.

If you see white glimmer/chameleon plastic, BUY IT. The colors hold better than any plastic out there.

But the most distinguishing quality of this plastic is the sparkle.

No other plastic has that shimmering, color shifting effect when hit with sunlight.

Honestly it has made some of my lesser quality dyes look just incredible. 

What are you waiting for?

When it comes to the art of disc dyeing, the canvas you start with will either set you up for success or lead you down the road to failure.

But with any of these 5 plastics, you will have the absolute best chance for a killer dye that will become the envy of your fellow disc golf players.

Now that you know where to start, check out our selection of dyeable discs and go create your next work of art!

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Good luck! We can’t wait to see your work.

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