Zanch Hard Card Trapezoidal Squeegee


Zanch Hard Card squeegee – 3×4″ – Corn Gold

These Zanch “Hard Card” squeegees are the personal favorite of D3C founder, Keith Lempa, and he uses them on every every stencil he places on a disc.

Their trapezoidal shape with varying thickness gives you 3 different stiffnesses depending on if you’re using the wide 4″ side for a stiff feel, the 3.5″ side for a stiffer feel, or the 3″ side for when you need maximum stiffness for those pesky edge-pressing stencils.

They also fit well into hands of all sizes and are comfortable for all stencil artists.

Toss out that old credit card you’ve been using to apply your stencils and make the switch to the Zanch Hard Card today!

**PHOTO CREDIT** Gecko Zone dyed by hand painting master Randy Drennen of Hoosier Daddy Dyes

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