RPM Atomic Piwakawaka 177g


RPM Atomic Piwakawaka 177g

Stunning Neon RPM Piwakawaka with UV reactive dye!

The Piwakawaka is a slow midrange or a fast putter that holds any line you put it on. It gets plenty of glide and never strays off its line with turn or fade. Useful for powered down tee shots and approaching the green, you will love to have this slot filled in your bag. The Piwakawaka is a low profiled midrange with a rim width similar to a putter but with a beveled edge. It is a great feeling disc that is offered in a few different plastics so you are sure to find one that fits your game.

Flight Ratings: Speed 4 Glide 5 Turn 0, Fade 0

The disc in this listing is brand new, never thrown, and has only been handled for dye and photos. While washing the disc some dye transferred some light color on the underside of the rim. The plastic is NOT a glow plastic but some of the colors will glow under a blacklight.

Sold by: BscriBBles Dyes

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