MVP Neutron Wave 172g Madhatter Disc Golf *Free Shipping


MVP Neutron Wave

Distance Driver

11  |  5  |  -2  |  2

MadHatter dye

MVP Neutron Wave (Pictured Disc)

Stamped 172g and scales 172.4 grams

11 Speed

5 Glide

-2 High Speed Turn

2 Low Speed Fade

Experience the thrill of the versatile high-performing Wave! Designed to elevate your game, this distance driver offers a perfect balance of turn and fade, ensuring an incredible flight experience. Its shallow turn extends lines, while a subtle fade allows for precise shot placement. Whether you’re a high-powered thrower, an average power thrower, or a beginner, the Wave provides the dependable flight you need. Embrace its stable-understable capabilities.

When you want effortless distance, rely on the smooth turn and graceful glide of the wave as it stretches across the horizon.


MVP’s Most Popular Material: Offering a premium look and feel, This flagship blend stands out with its wide selection of bright opaque colors. Just like Proton, it boasts excellent durability characteristics. Plus, finding colors that suit any terrain is a breeze. Experience disc golf like never before with Madhatter Disc Golf.

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Sleepy Scale Grade: 9+/10 New, Custom Dye on Factory Blank/10

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