Kastaplast K1 Vass


Kastaplast K1 Vass – Custom Dyed Disc Golf Distance Driver – New Never Thrown
171 Grams
K1 Plastic
Flight Numbers: 12 / 5 / -1.5 / 2
Manufacturers info: Vass, the replacement disc for Grym is on its way! The Grym has been plagued with production inconsistencies for years, and at this point no one really knows how the mold is supposed to fly. The Vass share the DNA of the Grym but the numbers are changed slightly to fit the current flight chart. It’s a disc made to ride the tailwind in a smooth S-line, and it will end its flight with a short fade. Vass is Swedish for sharp and the Common reed. Best Choice for long S-curves and tailwind shots.

Sleepy Scale Grade: 8.5 (Stamp Dropout)/10

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