Innova Star Mako3 – 180 – Mad Gradient dye


Innova Star Mako3

Speed 5   Glide 5   Turn 0   Fade 0


MadHatter   Mad Gradient Dye
Penned 180 and scales 178.8 grams

5 Speed
5 Glide
0 High Speed Turn
0 Low Speed Fade

5 | 5 | 0 | 0

The Mako3 is the faster, low profile version of the remarkably straight flying Innova Mako.

Max Weight 180g | Diameter: 21.7cm | Rim Width: 1.2cm

This Mid-Range disc is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a straight flyer with very limited fade. The Mako3 is available in Champion plastic, and it’s faster than the original Mako. Players will like the Mako3’s glide for added distance. The easy to grip and release rim offers clean consistent releases. The Mako3 is a great disc for one disc rounds.

We bag each disc and ship in a box to assure safe delivery.
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Sleepy Scale Grade: 9+ Custom dyed/10

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Warranty: 30 Days

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