Innova F2 Star Leopard Fairway Driver, 174g, 1st Dye Collector’s Disc


This was the first disc I ever dyed! A tale as old as time, grabbed some shaving cream, sprinkled some dye on it, and sat the disc in! I had a DX Leopard at the time that just refused to get lost so I never ended up bagging this. I decided to hang on to it as an example of where I started.

However if you want it! That is totally cool too! I will sign the back of the disc, and throw in a few other goodies as a thanks for supporting my dyeing journey and helping out cool cats everywhere!

Disc 9/10 New Un-Thrown F2, however as seen in the picture, and this being a dye from over a year ago, it is very faded.
Flight Ratings : 6/5/-2/1

Sleepy Scale Grade: 9/10

Availability: 1 in stock

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