Innova Firebird 173-5g Nate Sexton Tour Series


Innova Firebird 173-5g Nate Sexton Tour Series

Sexton Firebird!

The Tour Series version is flatter, mellower, and more controllable than a typical Firebird, but with the buttery soft in-hand feel of Champion Color Glow!
As one of Nate Sexton’s go-to fairway drivers, the Firebird has been produced in the Champion Color Glow material that so many Innova throwers have come to love. Extremely durable, with the perfect balance between soft and stiff, these Firebirds will fly as good as they look.

Flight Ratings: Speed 9, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 4

The disc in this listing is brand new, never thrown, and has only been handled for dye, photos, and storage.

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