Discmania Nordic Phenom PD 176 grams Mad Gradient


Nordic Phenom PD 176 grams

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Originals Line

MadHatter Custom “Mad Gradient” Dye
Nordic Phenom PD (Pictured Disc)
Special Blend S-Line PD Niklas Anttila Signature Series
Stamped 176 and scales 176.8 grams

10 | 4 | 0 | 3
Originals Line

The PD offers power and control in the same disc. Possibly the best all-around driver for advanced and Pro-level players. The PD is one of our all time best selling disc molds. The PD is somewhat overstable for most players to begin with, but becomes very versatile in various stages of wear. Many players carry multiple PD’s in their bags to cover various different types of shots.

We will place in plastic bag and ship in a box to assure safe delivery.
Thank You,
The MadHatter

Sleepy Scale Grade: New dyed 9+/10

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Warranty: 30 Days

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