D3C DIYdye Kit - Neon Color Kit

D3C DIYdye Kit - Neon Color Kit


DiscDyeingDotCom DIYdye NEON Color Kit Plus – 6 colors – 10g each

The DiscDyeingDotCom DIYdye Neon Color Kit Plus includes 10g of each of the following dyes from PRO Chemical and Dye: Neon Lemon Zest, Neon Key Lime, Neon Royal Purple, Neon Hot Orange, Neon Cerise and Fluorescent Pink.

The dyes are packaged in sealed plastic ziplock bags and depending on the methods used will be good for dyeing 10+ premium plastic discs

*Disc shown for scale and is not included

Sold by: DiscDyeing.com

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