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Our guarantee includes the product’s purchase price as well as the original shipping cost on eligible purchases.*

Follow these three simple steps to get your refund.

Contact the Vendor

If something you purchased hasn’t arrived, or isn’t as described, go to your Account, find the order with that item, and contact the vendor.

Not Helping? Contact Us!

If talking with the vendor hasn't worked and the issue hasn’t been resolved after five business days, contact us.

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We will make sure to contact you within 48 hours and get your money back.

*Some restrictions apply, of course. For the complete details, please read our Returns, Refunds, and Exchange Policy.

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DiscDyeing.com is a marketplace that sells discs from nearly 90 dye artists. Whether you’re an established artist or a newbie looking to get into the game, we make it easy to open your own store and start selling your custom discs and accessories.

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