Join us at the 2022 MVP Open


2022 will mark the 5th year of the annual MVP Open at Maple Hill. Presented by MVP Disc Sports, this playoff event brings together the world’s top disc golf professionals for a week of fun and competition.

The 2022 MVP Open is a four day-long tournament series that serves as the final playoff before heading into the DGPT Championship. The top 80 male players and the top 40 female players will battle to see if they can take the titles away from Adam Hammes and Catrina Allen.

When Is the 2022 MVP Open?

The event will be held from September 22nd to September 25th at Maple Hill in Leicester, MA. The Open will be broadcast on the Internet at the Disc Golf Network, with live coverage of all four rounds for $10.99, or for free with a PDGA membership. You’ll get to watch legends like Simon Lizotte, Sarah Hokom, Matt Orum, Kat Mertsch, Paul McBeth, Paige Pierce, and of course our buddy DoubleG – Garrett Gurthie! Show DoubleG some love by shopping his dyed disc storefront or buying his delicious craft jerky.

How can I get tickets to the event?

You can purchase tickets for the event online at EventBrite. Keep in mind that tickets are limited, and they may sell out quickly. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase tickets online.

What is doing there?

We are excited to host our own booth at the MVP Open, with special guests Daddy Mac Dyes, Chains or Dye Disc Golf, and the fellas from Chuck Discs. We’ll have a variety of dyed discs and disc dyeing kits for sale as well as apparel and accessories. We’re bringing a few surprises with us to the MVP Open as well, so keep an eye out to see what we have in store there!

Come drop by the booth to chat, learn some tips and tricks, pick up some bad ass dyed discs, share your favorite memes, or even just have a beer with us! All are welcome.

What else will I see at the Open?

In addition to the lead male and female cards, there will be the Million Dollar Shot competition, sponsored by East Coast Metal Roofing and the Maple After Dark Glow Rounds.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to all the vendors there will be player signings, an ice cream social, a beer garden, multiple food services, a pasta buffet, and even a pond jump.

All in all, we’re expecting this MVP Open to be one of the most exciting disc golf tournaments of the year.

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