Featured Artist: DarroJ Dyes


What's the meaning of this?

Every few months we want to spotlight one of the 95 artists and growing who have a storefront at DiscDyeing.com.

All of these artists are extremely talented and constantly working to perfect their craft. And their work shows it!

We certainly think they deserve to spend some time in the spotlight.

So come get to know this months featured artist, DarroJ Dyes!

Who is DarroJ Dyes?

Based out of West Chester, Pennsylvania, Darroj Dyes is well known for his various silly and creative dyes. From his vendor biography:

I've been dyeing and playing disc golf since 2020.

I love using disc dyeing as an outlet to express my creativity. It is also a great way to connect with others.

I love the fact that my dyed discs are all around the country (and slowly making their way over the world!)

My dyeing focus is all floetrol based, with a lot of enjoyment coming from making silly things.

I am best known for my puking unicorn dyes, farting unicorn blasts, and the sexy Lempa Lip dyes.

I do mostly cell dyes and swirls, but am always up for a challenge!

I post all my shenanigans on Instagram, so please be sure to find me there - @darrojdyes.

How can I see his work?

Darroj Dyes has a variety of styles utilizing a multitude of quality plastics.

Following are some examples of discs sold to happy disc golfers.

Where can I buy his discs?

You can visit his storefront by clicking here. Below are just a sample of the discs he has for sale today:

Where else can I find him?

Looking to connect further? You can find DarroJ Dyes on Instagram and Facebook.

Let him know we sent ya!

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