Featured Artist: Daddy Mac Dyes


What's the meaning of this?

Every few months we want to spotlight one of the 70 artists and growing who have a storefront at DiscDyeing.com.

All of these artists are extremely talented and constantly working to perfect their craft. And their work shows it!

We certainly think they deserve to spend some time in the spotlight.

So come get to know this months featured artist, Daddy Mac Dyes!

Who is Daddy Mac Dyes?

Based out of Roscoe, New York, Daddy Mac Dyes has had an interesting journey to becoming a disc dyeing artist. From his vendor biography:

I started Daddy Mac Dyes with no intention of it amounting to anything other than maybe getting some cool discs in my bag.

Although I’ve been playing the sport for almost 30 years, I was relatively new to dyeing.

So with the direction of a few Facebook posts and YouTube videos I set off and ruined a bunch of discs.

Luckily for me I was an art major and able to catch on pretty quick with the guidance of some of the masters of our craft.

My absolute love of disc golf, creative nature at heart, and addictive personality it soon began to grow in to much more than a hobby.

One order turned in to ten and the next thing you know Daddy Mac Dyes was born.

The name was easy with the help of my son McCollum (Mac for short) and being a volunteer firefighter, the brand was born.

How can I see his work?

Daddy Mac Dyes has a variety of styles utilizing a multitude of quality plastics.

Following are some examples of discs sold to happy disc golfers.

Where can I buy his discs?

You can visit his storefront by clicking here. Below are just a sample of the discs he has for sale today:

Where else can I find him?

Looking to connect further? You can find Daddy Mac Dyes on Instagram and Facebook. You can also find his disc dyeing tutorials on YouTube.

Let him know we sent ya!

Are you a disc dyeing artist?​

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