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DarroJ Dyes | West Chester, PA

"I've been dyeing and playing disc golf since 2020. I love using disc dyeing as an outlet to express my creativity. I love the fact that my dyed discs are all around the country (and slowly making their way over the world!). I am best known for my puking unicorn dyes, farting unicorn blasts, and the sexy Lempa Lip dyes. I do mostly cell dyes and swirls, but am always up for a challenge!"


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DiscDyeing.com is thrilled to announce our new partnership with the premier community for disc dyeing education and resources; the Disc Golf Dyers Guild!

DiscDyeing.com will be the exclusive supplier of disc dyeing supplies to the DGDG students and artists.

DGDG also has an informative and entertaining weekly podcast available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and where ever podcasts are found. Go subscribe today!

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