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Daddy Mac Dyes | Roscoe, NY

"I started Daddy Mac Dyes with no intention of it amounting to anything other than maybe getting some cool discs in my bag. Luckily for me I was an art major and able to catch on pretty quick with the guidance of some of the masters of our craft. With the help of my son McCollum (Mac for short) and being a volunteer firefighter, the brand was born."

2022 Pro Tour Sponsorship

We here at DiscDyeing.com are thrilled to announce our 2022 sponsorship of one of the best people in disc golf; a man with a big heart, a big arm and great big bags of badass jerky; Garrett Gurthie!

DoubleG now has his own storefront on the DiscDyeing.com marketplace where you can find DoubleG swag and discs for sale to help support his tour throughout the year.

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